Summer Safety Tips: Beat the Heat! 🌞🐶

Summer Safety Tips: Beat the Heat! 🌞🐶

As the summer sun starts to blaze over Toronto, ensuring our furry friends stay cool and comfortable becomes a top priority. Dogs are particularly susceptible to heatstroke and other heat-related complications, making it essential to take proactive measures. At Atlas Paws, we understand the importance of keeping your dog safe during the hot months. Here are some indispensable summer safety tips for your beloved pet and how Atlas Paws can help keep them cool and happy.

1. Keep Hydrated 💧

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to combat heat is by ensuring your dog stays well-hydrated. Always provide fresh, clean water. During walks or any outdoor activities, carry a portable water bowl.

At Atlas Paws, we make sure hydration stations are always available and frequently refreshed, providing your pets with constant access to water.

2. Avoid Midday Heat 🕛

The sun is most intense between 10 AM and 4 PM, so it's wise to schedule walks in the early morning or later in the evening. This helps avoid the peak heat times and spares your dog from the blazing sun.

Our daycare schedules are tailored to ensure that outdoor activities occur during cooler parts of the day, keeping your dog safe and comfortable.

3. Provide Shade and Cool Spaces 🌳

Whether you are at home or outside, always ensure there is a cool, shaded spot where your dog can rest. Trees, canopies, or indoor air-conditioned spaces can provide necessary relief from the heat.

Our facility is equipped with climate-controlled play areas and ample shaded outdoor spaces, allowing your pets to enjoy the summer safely.

4. Use Cooling Products ❄️

Consider using products designed to help keep your dog cool, such as cooling mats, vests, or bandanas. These can be particularly helpful during a heatwave or for prolonged outdoor exposure.

We offer access to a range of cooling products and incorporate them in our daily routines during hot days, ensuring all dogs can stay cool.

5. Never Leave Your Dog in a Car 🚗

Never leave your dog in a parked car on a warm day. Even with the windows slightly open, the temperature inside a car can skyrocket in minutes, leading to fatal heatstroke.

Should you need to run errands, our pet daycare service provides a safe environment for your dog rather than risking their health in a parked car.

6. Recognize Signs of Heatstroke 🚨

Know the signs of heatstroke in dogs: excessive panting, drooling, reddened gums, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and uncoordinated movement. If you suspect heatstroke, seek veterinary attention immediately.

Our staff is trained to recognize and respond to signs of heat stress or heatstroke. Immediate actions are taken, including veterinary contact if needed, to ensure the health and safety of your pet.


Summer is a fantastic season to enjoy with your pets, but it also requires taking necessary precautions to ensure their safety. By following these tips and considering a reliable daycare and boarding facility like Atlas Paws in Toronto, you can beat the heat and make this summer a delightful and safe experience for your dog.

Stay cool and have a paw-some summer! 🌞🐾

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